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Psychoanalysis: Key Principles and Therapeutic Methods

Michael Picco
Michael Picco

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Psychoanalysis is a psychotherapeutic method built on the study, identification, and analysis of an individual’s displaced from consciousness, hidden or repressed anxieties that have explicitly traumatized his psyche.

A person’s behavior, knowledge, and experience are shaped by his unconscious reckless urges. A person who tries to become conscious of these urges provokes the functioning of defense mechanisms that interfere with the process of awareness.

Conflicts between the conscious and unconscious can manifest themselves in neuroses, depressions, fears and other mental disorders. One can get rid of the influence of the unconscious by becoming conscious of it. Thus, the basic concept of psychoanalysis boils down to the fact that the motives of human behavior are not conscious, and therefore require interpretation.

Modern psychoanalysis is a therapy in which the patient tells the psychoanalyst all of his thoughts, dreams and associations. The psychoanalyst analyzes these data, creates hypotheses of unconscious conflicts and provides information about them in a revised form, taking them to a new level of awareness.

Practical psychoanalysis is recommended primarily for those who feel overwhelmed by recurring mental problems that hinder the development of potential, and disrupt the experience of achieving satisfaction in relationships with loved ones, family and friends, as well as achieving success and fulfillment in their work, solving everyday problems.

Anxiety, fears, worries, doubts, difficult memories, inhibitions and depression are often signs of internal conflicts that lead to difficulties in relationships, affecting personal and professional decisions. The roots of these problems are often deeper than the possibilities of natural awareness and are therefore unsolvable without psychotherapy.


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